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MoPet It is a pet tracking device that incorporates the latest technological advances in this field (NFC, QR code, GPS and Web ID) and incorporates the familiar identifying badges. NFC is a technology that facilitates wireless connection, just bring the device to a smartphone equipped with this technology immediately will give all data dog and their owners. To give you an idea works the same way as new contactless card payment.

QR code:It is a code that when scanned with the camera of our smartphone also take us to access the data of the lost pet.

GPS:the familiar GPS all know what it is, to scan the code we immediately got an email with the exact location of our pet.

Web ID:if you do not have a smartphone, we can access the data of the pet / owner through mopet.co.uk web and entering the code pendant.

They have tested our dogs and we can assure you they are very resistant. Furthermore, unlike typical badges, they do not suffer wear and that all information is within.

How does it work?

One advantage of MoPet devices is that, in case of loss of our pet, the person will find several alternatives to access all contact information and alert us found our dog.

For example, if you have a Smartphone you can access it by scanning the QR code or NFC. Another advantage is that by the time someone access to that information, and before who found it to contact us, we will receive a message in our particular email with the exact place where our pet. Impressed by the speed with which it works and, above all, precision geolocation system.

n case you find our little dog who does not have a Smartphone device, you can also access our data through the web mopet.co.uk by entering the number on the device.

In short, this new device manufacturing 100% English trimmed the usual search time our pet just an hour, depending on where we meet.

We recommend it to all our friends and we passed with the notable exception to this small tool that does a great job.

Hopefully never have to use it, but if this happens we are confident that our beloved pet back home safe and secure.

Do not miss the opportunity!!!

Thank You So Much MoPet