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    How many times have you been looking for your pet? Do not answer, we know that more than once.

    That chill when you can not find your dog or your cat does not come home that night, is a special feeling you never forget.

    In order to improve the quality of life for both pets and their owners, we have designed this fantastic pendant to find your pet the simplest possible way.

    Here’s how this NFC pet locator works.

    First, you must register on our website,, create your account and add your pet.

    Each pendant has a serial number and a QR code for an easy identification of the pet. Pendants are water-resistant and long-lasting.

    This system not only works with dogs and cats, but with any kind of pet you have: ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses…

    Forget the worry of searching and not finding your pet.

    With this pendant you will have all the information of your pet and the most significant data in an online format.

    You can find out how does it work checking this video:

    We are in solidarity with our peers, and we donate £2 of every sale to an animal charity.

    Remember: finding your pet quickly is essential.



    Quick tips for raising a puppy


    If you are thinking about raising a dog must know some basic rules to educate your little puppy. For example, you need to be consistent in the rules, the dog learns by repetition and if every day you change the rules you will not educate well your dog.

    6 tips for raising your puppy:

    •    Read and learn about the characteristics of the breed you are going to buy or adopt.
    •    Do not change the rules, the rules of your little pup will be the standards of your future best friend.
    •    Do not be afraid of discipline and order. But do not confuse these terms with fear and abuse.
    •    Educating your puppy takes time, be patient and you will succeed.
    •    Exercise your puppy and give him space.
    •    Your pet is part of your family now, so love him because he is already loving you.

    The image of this article, taken from the website of Facebook, felicianofilho.cps shows an illustrative picture of the movements made by our dog and its meaning, it represents the importance of knowing the signs of your pet because it is their way of expressing and you have to know perfectly, because he also works hard every day to make you feel better.

    We also recommend that you consider how much space you can offer your pet in order to choose the best breed of dog.

    And above all, try to adopt, visit animals shelters , don’t be prejudiced, they are looking for a home and want love.



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    What is MoPet?


    It is a suspension design that lets us know the location of our pet only our helpers from our mobile phone. With NFC technology, already available in most mobile phones market and MoPet pendant equipped with a NFC chip, we can see where you are if your pet has misled us.

    It is a new way of identifying and locating lost pets, conceived and designed by a young but experienced in developing applications with NFC, which are grouped group, like a family it were, in the company of technological development,  Two fundamental aspects joins this group of young people: the love for animals and a passion for technology, putting from five years ago in our hands to our peace and safety of our pets.

    Hanging MoPet incorporates the latest technological advances in information and communications technology. It consists of a device that incorporates an NFC chip technology as the basis for access to our website where we find the profile of the pet you have found. Just bring your mobile phone to ten centimeters away from the pendant, we will open on the screen of your Smartphone’s name and contact details of the pet owner to return as soon as possible to. We can also accedre to information through a QR code on the pendant.

    A lost pet is exposed to many risks. You can suffer from a serious illness and need medication every so often. When he is lost and not knowing in which direction to take to return home, he attacks the stress and the same thing can become shy and affectionate with strangers who could take a more elusive attitude and get into dangerous situations in these our full modern cities noise and cars. Therefore, the way we’ve found to provide more information through the use of technology, is the possibility that the profile of the pet in our every owner can include all the information it considers necessary should know who finds his mascot. Unlimited character we can describe the nature of our pet, diseases suffer if any, vaccines that we have provided and any other information we deem appropriate.

    Once that offer us their trust and acquire the Hanging MoPet must access our web and complete the data requested by us and also the site are indicated on the product packaging. No need for anyone else to do it, you only just. Our site is designed in a very intuitive way for everyone can use and benefit from the services offered. Although you can also request our help and guidance through our phones when you need it.

    When someone on the street is our pet and scans the pendant MoPet, the pet owner in his Mobile automatically receives a message that will tell you exactly where your pet found. Meanwhile the person trying to help return home the little animal lost contact details of the owner will appear, especially in matters of seconds. Our software is completely safe and reliable and respects the rights of both the pet and the owner friendly and caring person who offers his help.

    Since MoPet we have taken into account the characteristics of both the software and the pendant. A robust, Secured software complements him a pendant made of PVC, water resistant to sudden changes in temperature and with enough consistency to survive the depreciation of the animal itself without posing any harm to it.



    Future for MoPet?


    Location systems are many in the technology market today. The best known is the GPS tracking system that allows us to have our pet localized in real time, long as the battery’s power is depleted; but what happens when it runs out and the app stops offer the security that we feel when seeing on the position indicator of your pet on your mobile device we use. What we can do? One feature of GPS is that we can go in search of our pet, but if you have unforeseen and can not leave ourselves while we have time or do not realize last the lifetime of the battery charge.

    MoPet Location System uses new information technologies and communications, specifically NFC, which makes us a fully automatic location system that allows us to monitor every so often the position of objects whatever they may be, in this If our pet. It is a system of radio frequency identification and location created and designed by a group of young animal lovers and passionate about new technologies, marked by the fate of the company . MoPet Location System consists of a circular plate with a diameter of 2.8 mm to hang our pet collar equipped with an NFC chip and associated with a virtual platform. Thus, to bring our mobile phone pendant to a distance less than 10 centimeters accede to the data of the pet we just found. The name of the pet, and the data that we know it to offer support to all those who have a pet as a member of our family wish, to find a similar situation appears automatically on the screen of your Smartphone. Simultaneously the pet owner receives a completely free message on your phone with the exact location of where your pet found. This system does not need batteries, because the technology used (NFC) requires more energy than the mobile terminal for radio waves activate the NFC chip found in the pendant and intuitive and can access instantly to the information.

    Continuing the comparison between these tracking systems. GPS is a device, depending on the manufacturer, it may be big, heavy and uncomfortable for some breeds of dogs, mini dogs, for example. With the addition of GPS it is very expensive in the market and the identification and location system is much more affordable to any pocket and weighs only a few grams.

    See our pet travels under our supervision gives us peace and we feel that we controlled until ……

    Tips to keep your pet


    A pet is a beloved member of our family and his presence fills the house with joy. So, in case you miss him, the desperation appears and no one knows where to look, especially if it is a friendly dog we have bred. To avoid this sort of situation occurs, we will give you some tips to keep your pet.

    • Teach the dog since childhood the way home and respects your orders.
    • Take the dog for a walk every day, so he will know he has some freedoms.
    • Put the dog a chip and a collar with his name.
    • Keep him always in your sight when you are in the street.
    • In case you lost him, you must first look around the house and then in kennels.
    • A good idea is to spay or neuter your pets so that they will not want to escape when they are in heat.
    • Do not give information of your pet to any stranger.
    • Save a picture of your dog.
    • If you are traveling the pet must be cared for by a professional.
    • If you go for a walk with your dog and you walk into a store, do not leave him tied outside since you expose it to theft.
    • You can also use a new tool, it is MoPet, a geolocation device to quickly find your pet. It is a pendant that is placed on the collar of the pet, and it reveals the owner data, the name of the pet and veterinary data. When the pet is found, you just need to enter, place the identification number, and then contact the owner. The pendant has an NFC chip, so if the finder has a phone with NFC, the information will instantly appear just by approaching the smartphone to the pendant.

    MoPet, smart card for pets?


    The pendant pet locator MoPet takes full advantage of new information technologies and communications. With a sleek design and various colors to suit the different types of breeds of dogs and cats. Is a revolutionary technological solution to the common problems that present pet owners: in addition to identify and locate your pet safely and effectively allows us to socialize with others, values ​​that seem to awaken dormant and therefore demands our actual society.
    It is not an either pendant. Expliquémoslo from what is not, from its true functions. MoPet is a equipped with NFC technology that stores all information about our pet chip, which only approach you can access our mobile phone at a distance of ten centimeters. A lost pet is like a child who can not find their parents. He is scared and break to mourn as the only possible solution. Our pets do not cry in the manner of our children but we felt like. In a situation like this it is when the pendant MoPet truly offers benefits. The good Samaritan who finds your pet access to public information that we have for that unknown savior contact us and arrange our day and time we receive your location at that time.
    MoPet, which is in the line of hyper man. The NFC chip allows us direct access to our pet profile on the website and all points where its suspension is scanned and saved as historic as long as we want. Information on our mascot, the locations where it has been, the direction of our house and our mobile number data are available daily on cards or post-it invariably lose. In the era of computerization that is no longer needed. And now we can also save the information pertaining to your pet as his identity card and health card, all in one place at our disposal when we need it, respecting the policy of protection of personal data.

    The pet owner has the option to make public data as only those you need for your pet back home, that we return it in the shortest possible time, the rest of the information will be kept private profile that we have created but also we could put the public if our desire. The MoPet software is custom made and implemented optimally after a thorough study on the main needs of people in your family have a pet.

    Holidays with your pet


    Summer holidays, heat and journeys are factors that can affect your pet’s routine.

    This may be the perfect summer if you have planned a dream vacation. Now comes the dilemma: if you bring your pet or not.


    You can plan your trip through websites specialized in hotels that allow dogs and cats so you can enjoy your vacation with your pet, and keep in mind that your pet must travel with its security measures in cars or public transports.

    You can also choose a pet hotel or residence where he will receive all the care he needs and you can leave on a trip without worries.

    And, for those who are not lucky enough to have a vacation this summer, remember properly hydrate your pet, walk him for shady locations, avoid the heat hours of the day and, if you are thinking about a beach getaway, remember there are pets-allowed beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, and if there is a river near your location you can take him to enjoy an evening stroll with your pet (careful not to fall).

    And very important! Remember to keep fresh, clean water available to your pet, especially in summer.