Future for MoPet?


Location systems are many in the technology market today. The best known is the GPS tracking system that allows us to have our pet localized in real time, long as the battery’s power is depleted; but what happens when it runs out and the app stops offer the security that we feel when seeing on the position indicator of your pet on your mobile device we use. What we can do? One feature of GPS is that we can go in search of our pet, but if you have unforeseen and can not leave ourselves while we have time or do not realize last the lifetime of the battery charge.

MoPet Location System uses new information technologies and communications, specifically NFC, which makes us a fully automatic location system that allows us to monitor every so often the position of objects whatever they may be, in this If our pet. It is a system of radio frequency identification and location created and designed by a group of young animal lovers and passionate about new technologies, marked by the fate of the company . MoPet Location System consists of a circular plate with a diameter of 2.8 mm to hang our pet collar equipped with an NFC chip and associated with a virtual platform. Thus, to bring our mobile phone pendant to a distance less than 10 centimeters accede to the data of the pet we just found. The name of the pet, and the data that we know it to offer support to all those who have a pet as a member of our family wish, to find a similar situation appears automatically on the screen of your Smartphone. Simultaneously the pet owner receives a completely free message on your phone with the exact location of where your pet found. This system does not need batteries, because the technology used (NFC) requires more energy than the mobile terminal for radio waves activate the NFC chip found in the pendant and intuitive and can access instantly to the information.

Continuing the comparison between these tracking systems. GPS is a device, depending on the manufacturer, it may be big, heavy and uncomfortable for some breeds of dogs, mini dogs, for example. With the addition of GPS it is very expensive in the market and the identification and location system is much more affordable to any pocket and weighs only a few grams.

See our pet travels under our supervision gives us peace and we feel that we controlled until ……