What is MoPet?


It is a suspension design that lets us know the location of our pet only our helpers from our mobile phone. With NFC technology, already available in most mobile phones market and MoPet pendant equipped with a NFC chip, we can see where you are if your pet has misled us.

It is a new way of identifying and locating lost pets, conceived and designed by a young but experienced in developing applications with NFC, which are grouped group, like a family it were, in the company of technological development,  Two fundamental aspects joins this group of young people: the love for animals and a passion for technology, putting from five years ago in our hands to our peace and safety of our pets.

Hanging MoPet incorporates the latest technological advances in information and communications technology. It consists of a device that incorporates an NFC chip technology as the basis for access to our website where we find the profile of the pet you have found. Just bring your mobile phone to ten centimeters away from the pendant, we will open on the screen of your Smartphone’s name and contact details of the pet owner to return as soon as possible to. We can also accedre to information through a QR code on the pendant.

A lost pet is exposed to many risks. You can suffer from a serious illness and need medication every so often. When he is lost and not knowing in which direction to take to return home, he attacks the stress and the same thing can become shy and affectionate with strangers who could take a more elusive attitude and get into dangerous situations in these our full modern cities noise and cars. Therefore, the way we’ve found to provide more information through the use of technology, is the possibility that the profile of the pet in our every owner can include all the information it considers necessary should know who finds his mascot. Unlimited character we can describe the nature of our pet, diseases suffer if any, vaccines that we have provided and any other information we deem appropriate.

Once that offer us their trust and acquire the Hanging MoPet must access our web www.mopet.o.uk and complete the data requested by us and also the site are indicated on the product packaging. No need for anyone else to do it, you only just. Our site is designed in a very intuitive way for everyone can use and benefit from the services offered. Although you can also request our help and guidance through our phones when you need it.

When someone on the street is our pet and scans the pendant MoPet, the pet owner in his Mobile automatically receives a message that will tell you exactly where your pet found. Meanwhile the person trying to help return home the little animal lost contact details of the owner will appear, especially in matters of seconds. Our software is completely safe and reliable and respects the rights of both the pet and the owner friendly and caring person who offers his help.

Since MoPet we have taken into account the characteristics of both the software and the pendant. A robust, Secured software complements him a pendant made of PVC, water resistant to sudden changes in temperature and with enough consistency to survive the depreciation of the animal itself without posing any harm to it.