MoPet, smart card for pets?


The pendant pet locator MoPet takes full advantage of new information technologies and communications. With a sleek design and various colors to suit the different types of breeds of dogs and cats. Is a revolutionary technological solution to the common problems that present pet owners: in addition to identify and locate your pet safely and effectively allows us to socialize with others, values ​​that seem to awaken dormant and therefore demands our actual society.
It is not an either pendant. Expliquémoslo from what is not, from its true functions. MoPet is a equipped with NFC technology that stores all information about our pet chip, which only approach you can access our mobile phone at a distance of ten centimeters. A lost pet is like a child who can not find their parents. He is scared and break to mourn as the only possible solution. Our pets do not cry in the manner of our children but we felt like. In a situation like this it is when the pendant MoPet truly offers benefits. The good Samaritan who finds your pet access to public information that we have for that unknown savior contact us and arrange our day and time we receive your location at that time.
MoPet, which is in the line of hyper man. The NFC chip allows us direct access to our pet profile on the website and all points where its suspension is scanned and saved as historic as long as we want. Information on our mascot, the locations where it has been, the direction of our house and our mobile number data are available daily on cards or post-it invariably lose. In the era of computerization that is no longer needed. And now we can also save the information pertaining to your pet as his identity card and health card, all in one place at our disposal when we need it, respecting the policy of protection of personal data.

The pet owner has the option to make public data as only those you need for your pet back home, that we return it in the shortest possible time, the rest of the information will be kept private profile that we have created but also we could put the public if our desire. The MoPet software is custom made and implemented optimally after a thorough study on the main needs of people in your family have a pet.